VAT Seminars


You need extended knowledge in the very complex field of the national and EU-laws and regulations on the VAT?
We provide you with all the knowledge you need for a correct estimation of tax situations in your daily work, for the issuing of formally correct invoices or for a legally safe deduction of input tax. 
You will also get a global overview of all cross border transactions including the reverse-charge-procedure, as well as the know-how and tools you need in order to work efficiently every day, to obtain the best results for your company and to find the most appropriate solutions.


In our VAT seminars we train you on the following subjects :

Advanced seminar

  • The VAT and the EU

  • Intra-Community circulation of goods

  • Taxation of intra-Community acquisitions

  • Tax liability and tax exemption

  • Assessment basis and tax rates

  • Invoicing

  • Deduction of input tax and application procedure

  • Tax exemption for intra-Community supplies

  • Special taxation basis: chain transaction, triangular trade

  • Regulation on mail order business

  • Exemption clauses

  • Reverse-charge procedure

  • Taxation of construction services

  • Input tax adjustment, particularities

  • Differential taxation

  • Exercises

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Tax advisors, auditors, assistant tax consultants, apprentices, bookkeepers, financial accountants

When ?


Where ?

Pfinztal-Berghausen / Online 

Your Lecturer 

Armin Beißwenger, Graduate in Tax Administration, Lawyer 


250,00 € per participant plus VAT

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Your Lecturer

Armin Beißwenger, Dipl. Finanzwirt (FH), Rechtsanwalt/FAfStR

  • Born in 1970
  • Studies at the University of Applied Sciences – Public Administration and Finance, Ludwigsburg
  • Studies of Law at the University of Saarland
  • Studies of Law at the University of Heidelberg
  • Legal Assistant at the County Court of Karlsruhe
  • Tax Assistant with a tax consultant office in Albstadt-Ebingen
  • Admission as Lawyer by the Bar Association, Karlsruhe
  • Freelance collaborator for the law and tax consultancy office Neufang & Partner, Calw
  • Associate Professor at the SRH University, Calw
  • Associate Professor at the Neufang Academy, Calw
  • Senior lecturer for the Chamber of Tax Consultants Nordbaden
  • Senior lecturer – Seminar for vocational training at a Collage for Economics and Taxes
  • Armin Beißwenger has been a lawyer admitted to the bar by the Bar Association of Karlsruhe since 2005

Fields of specialisation:

  • Specialist lawyer for tax law
  • spespsSpecialist lawyer for healthcare professions
  • GraGGraduate in tax administration / Diplom-Finanzwirt (FH)