VAT Seminars

offered by the leading provider in Karlsruhe, Pfinztal and Bretten

The professional competence and extensive teaching experience of our lecturer guarantee the success of our training seminars. Theoretical explanations on the VAT are accompanied by practical examples. Real cases and special features, routine situations and exceptions are presented in a simple, clear and comprehensive manner. 

Based on your individual questions we show you possibilities to solve VAT related problems in a sure and efficient way.

Together we will open the seven seals of the VAT book. 

Why us?

Leading Provider

The Beißwenger Academy has been the leading provider of the region for many years 


Our own continuing training and our extensive teaching experience guarantee your success

Theory and Praxis

We provide not only the necessary theoretical knowledge but also the practical ability for its application


We schedule enough time for your individual questions during the seminar.

Safe Handling

After attending our seminar, you will meet the daily tax challenges confidently  

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Armin Beißwenger, Graduate in Tax Administration

Lawyer / Specialist Lawyer for Tax Law

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Requirements for Cash Desks

During a company audit the financial authorities focus mainly on the cash register and examine closely the regularity of the cash management, in particular with companies using cash to a large extent like restaurants and retailers. If a cash check is not possible, there is a serious formal defect which leads to supplementary estimates of up to 10 % of the annual turnover plus safety margin. In the worst case criminal proceedings can be opened.


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New feature beginning with July 1st, 2019: "Übergangsbereich" = Transition Zone

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