Our Values - Our Principles

Our mission statement is the expression of our self-concept, our goals, our assets and values.

Which values and principles guide our acting?

  • We listen to you, we devote our time to you
  • We know you personally
  • We speak your language
  • We find solutions to your concerns

  • We employ highly qualified personnel
  • We constantly continue our professional education
  • We advise you in a clear and transparent manner
  • We are always up-to-date
  • We are true to our word
  • We put our heart and soul into our work
  • We tune in to your needs
  • We stand up for your interests
  • We are open to your concerns

  • We work consciously and reliably
  • We assume responsibility for our acting
  • We assure a high quality of our work
  • We guarantee the maximum discretion and secrecy
  • We show esteem for every person
  • We stand for fairness, tolerance and equal rights for all people irrespective of their birth, race, religion, sexual orientation, education, gender, age, social standing, disability or conviction


  • We act on behalf of our clients
  • We work according to the principles of integrity, honesty and consciousness
  • We place your aims and needs in the centre of our acting
  • We orient the focus of our thinking and acting on the individual person, that is on you as a unique personality 
  • We value the region in which we live and work; we support its growth and development with all means at our disposition
  • We are convinced Europeans and stand up for a cross-border understanding among neighbours; we speak several languages and keep intercultural relationships in the European area

  • We have an aim: We strive for the best results for you and thus contribute to your success

With these guidelines we want to show our clients the values which determine our acting and thus give them security and confidence – a fundamental condition for a good relationship between us and our clients.

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